Are you a midlife woman who wants more from life?

Well it’s not your age that makes you a midlife woman, but how you feel!

The usual indicators are feeling one or more of the following:

• You are aware your body is changing – you are menopausal
or post-menopause – you are not happy with your body image
and want to experience better health and wellness going forward.

• Your intimate relationship no longer satisfies all your needs and
requires changing, improving or replacing.
However, you may feel that you no longer have what it takes to
get back into the mating game.

• You have been successful in your work, business or career but
now find it is no longer giving you the same buzz and you feel
you want more from life.

The New Midlife Woman Community aims to help and support you in making improvements in all these areas by -

• Connecting with other women who are
making a similar journey

• Learning from those who have successfully
re-invented themselves as New Midlife Women.

• Providing resources to help you handle those
issues which may be holding you back.

My name is Jean Macdonald.

I have written a book calledLove Sex and the Midlife Woman to empower Midlife Women to take their rightful place in our society and to contribute to its improvement.

However, I feel that a book on its can only give awareness and hope. More support, encouragement and help is required to achieve significant and lasting improvement in our lives.

That is why I have set-up the New Midlife Woman Community and if you are a midlife woman looking to improve your life experience and prospects for the second half of your life, you are in the right place.

About the Book

Love, Sex and the Midlife Woman book cover.

I am Jean Macdonald and I have written a book called Love Sex and the Midlife Woman as my contribution to empowering Midlife Women to take their rightful place in our society and to contribute to its improvement.

Why did I include the words Love and Sex in the title of my book?

In my opinion, the issues midlife women encounter with love and sexual fulfilment are the major obstacles that prevent them from embracing the fantastic opportunities that are there for them as New Midlife Women.

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